Nancy Lee Moran

Romantic Realist

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from commission patrons

"Thank you for the portrait of my precious grandchildren, an heirloom we will always treasure. All five children look sparkling in it." Nancy G.

"Thank you for your thoughtfulness that made yesterday’s photo shoot such an enjoyable experience for all of our family. I really appreciated not only your artistic touch, but also the way you treated each of the children with such respect and warmth, so they felt happy and special. It was a delight to have you in our home." Linda S.

"My children (three little girls) consider you a friend. They have not forgotten you. They liked how well they were treated in your home and studio." Traci B.

"Words can’t express our appreciation for your dedication to this project. As the girls grow, we hope once again to work with you on another endeavor. Until then, we wish you and your family God’s richest blessings." Jenny L.

"Nancy Lee Moran is the artist selected by the Memorial Committee of our church. She is a gentle, soft spoken woman whose considerable talent is respected and admired. She has gifts for capturing mood and light, a reputation for painstaking dedication to each portrait. We are immensely pleased with her efforts and quite pleased about what it says about our church. The architectural signature of this church has been its stained glass windows. Moran had an inspiration to use the windows as color jewels to frame the church." Pastor Anthony Dawson about "Reflections of God's Love" (below)

Methodist Church, faith, church windows, brick church, oil painting by Nancy Lee Moran

"It is great fun to plan the painting and gives me pleasure just thinking about it." Karen B.

"Thanks for the precious portrait you painted of our children. We are very much enjoying it and love the comments we hear from others. The time and effort you put into the portrait and the care you took with it shines through their likenesses." Susana H.

"Thank you for the portrait of our children. We feel our meeting was meant to be. You were so comfortable to work with and patient with our decision-making. We feel we have gained a friendship as well as a wonderful moment in our family life." Elaine P.

"Thank you for your expert work and thoughtfulness during our communication." Patricia C.

"The results were far beyond my expectations. You are so gracious and professional, a class act." Jeannine C.

"We so treasure your portrait of Claire. It is a Masterpiece to us!" Martha C.

"People enter my home and say, You have a Nancy Lee Moran." Beth G.

"I love art. To have art of my own children is a great joy." Lesha K.

"I can’t tell you how happy I am with our painting. I get tears every time I look at it. God blessed you with not only a talent to paint, but the gift to be able to look inside people and capture their whole beings." Kelly F.

"Thank you again for the beautiful portrait. I love it more each day. I had hoped I would love it without reservations, since I had so much invested in it - and I do." Nancy A.

"John and I can’t thank you enough for immortalizing our Madeleine. We will always remember her at this age and cherish the vision of her frozen in time. She is as delighted with your portrait as we are." Cindy M.

"You were so comfortable to work with and patient with our decision making. We feel we have gained a friendship as well as a wonderful moment in our family life." Elaine P.

"With Heather away at college, I enjoy having her portrait in the dining room as a reminder to all of us that she is still a dearly loved part of our family." Sharon M.

"I love the feeling of warmth I get every time I pass by the portrait. Art, to me, captures the feeling. It is more subtle than photography and draws the observer in for a closer look." Tami B.

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